I always paint scenes on location drawing with pencil to define the composition and layering with a series of washes to finalize the painting. Working en plein air enables me to capture the essence of the moment, the flickers of light that I would miss if I used the studio at home. This is where I create my design work for the Kitchen art and t-shirt designs as well as the floral paintings. Here I pick the flowers from the garden arrange them in a design then draw and paint, picking more fresh flowers as the plant material fades. Preparing the garden and fertilizing the plants are all part of my monthly jobs at home. I enjoy entertaining and love to attend food and wine related events. Visit all the local Galleries attending many of the art previews.

A good month to think about new designs and plan for the next season. I have to choose my out door painting days this time of year because the weather is a little mixed and combating the wind makes it more of a challenge. I usually paint close to home. Watch the Bermuda International marathon on Front Street, Hamilton. I usually visit the USA or UK this time of year

This month is great for entertaining thinking of new recipes. Creating more work for t-shirt designs. Brainstorming with the family. Allowing time to go to the local antique auctions, a past time I enjoy. I get to use the fireplace at home and enjoy the cozy evenings. Enjoy the Bermuda Festival performances - this is an annual performing arts event not to be missed.

Its good getting out into the garden to tidy up after the winter. Cleaning the terra cotta garden pots, moving plants or cutting back on the shrubs. Pruning the topiary Hibiscus and the Japanese ewe trees that I have grown. Generally preparing the garden for the following season. Taking a break from painting except for very warm sunny days. Preparing and signing new art Lithographs for the season.

Spring is here filling the terra cotta pots with annuals and enjoying a daily walk to see how they grow, beginning a good fertilize programme for the lawn and shrubs. Painting those scenes that I have been spying during the winter months when traveling the Island. Preparing for the cruise season to begin. I am hoping to enjoy José Carreras performing at the Maritime Museum Keepyard, Dockyard. I am sure all Bermuda will want to hear him in concert on April 4th this year.

This is the month when The Garden Club of Bermuda offer their open House and Garden event it is held annually every Wednesday during May there are usually three lovely homes opened decorated with creative flower arrangements. Preparing my own garden entranceway for this years Bermuda in Bloom competition. Enjoying the daily gardening and keeping up watering the terra cotta pots is of major importance. Painting flowers as they begin to bloom in profusion. Enjoying the longer evenings. This month heralds the beginning of the Harbour Night Festivities each Wednesday evening in Hamilton, meeting and greeting customers at the shop is a weekly event.

I am very busy running the three shops, ordering and delivering stock to my other shops or dealing with the necessary displays as new ventures have finally materialized. Enjoying a brief walk along the beach or swimming in the pool if time allows. B B Q on the dock and the odd dinner party. Finding the shaded spots for painting. Attending the Harbour Night Festivities every Wednesday in Hamilton. This is the busiest time of year for me.

The hot summer months are now drawing to an end. The garden is a constant concern with watering the plants and grass if it doesn’t rain, watering my terra cotta pots so they don’t dry out. Too hot to paint out doors, maybe painting from the veranda when the suns is low. I am still very busy with the shops. Harbour nights continue every Wednesday.

I am ready for the cooler weather, still busy with the shops, the Cruise ships have almost finished and the summer students returned to college. Time to think about painting again, bursting with new ideas or new ventures. Enjoying the cooler days in the garden and less concerns watering the grass. The cruise season is winding down this time of year.

This is one of my favorite months as there is usually little humidity but glorious sunny days, wonderful for painting no need for an umbrella. I am still busy as I have fewer staff in the shops. Sometimes I can take an art workshop this time of year, I have done this for a couple of years and it is great way to meet other artists to discuss common interests and share ideas. The shops wind down after the busy season.

A busy month for activities. Preparing for the Christmas season, attending parties and other festivities associated with Christmas. Decorating the house, the tree and hanging the wreath on the garden gate. Not much time for painting. The garden doesn’t need too much doing to it because it’s a slow growing season. Perhaps adding a few bedding plants such as red salvia to give a cheery welcome to guests at the front door.