Made from the local wood Juniperus Bermudiana
Craftsmen fashion this prized wood into a selection of small souvenirs

Juniperus Bermudiana once covered the Islands it was badly attacked by insect scale in 1940’s and has almost become extinct. Bermudian’s have used the wood for centuries in the construction of ships, homes and furniture. Wood from trees which are dead is used for small articles as seen here. The aroma from the cedar is said to be moth repellent, the shavings are used to make sachets for putting amongst clothes, in closets and drawers.

To maintain the luster of this wood it should be waxed as you would furniture.

Please come into my shop to select your unique piece of Bermuda Cedar as we do not ship these items.

Letter openers with Hog coins $19.50 & $24.00

Boxes small and large $25.00 to $55.00

Jewellery boxes with Fitted Dinghy coins $69.50

I have other small collectables made from Bermuda Cedar displayed at my shop